Tangshan Fengnan District Changlong Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional equipment manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of various types and specifications of continuous casting machines and supporting rolling machinery. The factory always focuses on the standardization of design, management modernization, processing and programming, and applies advanced technology at home and abroad to continuously develop and innovate, and strive for progress. Factory processing equipment, there are more than 20 sets of large and medium-sized special equipment; strong technical force, professional design institute, senior engineers, engineers, computer CAD-aided design; advanced processing technology. Our factory policy is to protect the quality of the external image and to strive for customers. The main products are: 1, R2.5 meters, R3 meters, R4 meters, R5.25 meters, R6 meters, R8 meters, R10 meters and other curved continuous casting machine. It can be used to produce 60mmX60mm to 320mmX320mm billet, 100mmX150mm to 220mmX240mm rectangular billet, Φ100mm to Φ450mm round billet, 150mmX450mm to 180mmX800mm slab and so on. 2. Design and manufacture various rolling mills, such as rolling mills and continuous rolling mills, which can be directly sent and rolled by the continuous casting machine. In the past ten years, the company...

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Changlong Product News

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